Gotcha, you bastard

Victory is mine, victory is mine. Bring me the best muffins and bagels in the land, for victory is mine*.

First setback in project Make Casey Great Again - dead starter. It was kinda working initially; would turn over for a second or so, but then the Bendix would disengage and it would freewheel. I got it to catch and run for 20 seconds or so, which is great. But the start current was way too high - even with 1200CCA of batteries, the terminal voltage would drop to 9 when the starter kicked in. And now it won’t turn over at all and it reads open circuit from the solenoid output to earth. All of which means a shorted winding which has now failed, and the starter needs a rebuild.


Took about four hours and a fair bit of blood, and I have no idea how I’m going to get the belly pan back on because it weighs a ton, but the starter’s now out.

Next stage - find out if it can be rebuilt.

*for selected values of “victory”

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