Gotta Kechum All (also car charms?)

do you guys have any little characters or nicknacks in you cars just to give them a bit of character? I do


I always like to have a little character for my car. Call it a charm if you must, but I’m not superstitious. For a long time I had a little sheep plushie that hid in my cd tray. Here it is in my 99 Civic. This wasn’t the only she was in..

My 2001 Civic has an image of its grandad on its dash. This was to inspire it to be as good as its namesake.It never did live up to that honor.


My Wife’s car has Humphrey. Whio was later joined by a bobble head dinosaur that my kid bought. Bonus Stance S14


Anyway today I was cleaning and found this Ash action figure and I had been looking for a little nick nack for my car. I figured he’ll work. I need to get some sticky Velcro and find a permanent location for him. Also HIS HAT SPINS! Like separate from his head so you can do the thing.

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