So tonight at dinner, I mention to my wife that I’ve budgeted about $2500 (fudged a bit to say $3k) in project costs towards the Cougar. Then I mention that it seems silly to spend that on a car when we have other monthly obligations (think car payments). So just as I’m talking myself out of dropping coin on the car, she changes my mind.

Both car loans are low interest (one at 0%, one at 1.49%). My wife’s response to just putting that money towards paying off the vehicles? “We already know what those payments are every month and we are doing great. Just spend the money on the Cougar.”

Additional upside. I just got an 18 month 0% promo rate on one of my credit cards, too. I never carry a balance anyway, but hey...that’s a cool option too. Cougar improvement posts to follow in the coming months!