So I’ll leave the “Who” and “Where” out of this, but I’ve got to get this out of my system before I start throwing things. Wife’s asleep so can’t really vent out loud. I’m a welder and the shop I work at is fairly large for the city I live in but has been absolutely abysmal at acquiring work during the current Canadian recession.

I work the afternoon/night shift and have been doing so for 10 years now (minus one month). I climbed the ranks up to shift supervisor by working hard and sticking to my job under some... yeah, I’ll just say it, pretty stupid supervisors, bosses and management. We got to the point where I was finally the supervisor and I managed to get some dead weight ejected over the years and get some talent on my shift. Good enough that our output regularly matched the dayshift with them having double our employee numbers. Then with this recession dragging on so long we’ve started letting people go. We’ve got down to 3 on my shift and maybe 7 on dayshift. We had 11 at one point and they had 19.

So now management has this brilliant idea to “temporarily” or maybe permanently move us onto dayshift. This has pretty much removed all reasons, besides being employed, for me to be working at such a crappy company. My perks for working on nights were:

  • being the boss
  • getting a shift differential
  • working 4 day work weeks
  • paid breaks (10 hours at work = 10 hours pay).

So now I’ll be bumped down a few positions, get paid less, have an almost same length of work day and get paid for less of it, work 5 days a week, work in a more crowded environment, and have to get up to start work at exactly the same time I’ve been going to bed for the last TEN FUCKING YEARS, and have to battle a stupid level of traffic to get to work.

So yeah, I’m hitting the wanted ads and am looking to get my proverbial rat-butt off this sinking ship. Might be time to switch trades, I’d rather work on cars than smash beams anyway.

Rant over, thank-you for allowing me to rage-type, whether you read it or not.