For some people, the thing that's missing from Formula 1 (aside from a race not being won by Sebastian Vettel) is the danger. If you compare the current Spa-Francorchamps to the original one it's almost sane, and new tracks have acres of tarmac run-off. If you're one such person that believes that there just isn't enough danger, then hopefully a Mr. David Hauser and his Dallara GP2/08 (complete with the full-on 4.0L, 600+ horsepower V8 GP2 engine, by the sound of it) will do for now.

Granted, he's got plenty of downforce to help him, like all high-end hillclimb cars, but still, if he misjudged one of those corners, then he'd quickly become very aware that instead of tarmac or gravel, there's nothing but metal barriers, sheer rock faces and at one point an open field to be found if you don't stay on the grey. It looks like a massive rush, though, and these videos remind me that hillclimb racing is nothing if it's not awesome.

Feel free to post your own videos of mad hillclimbers. I know there are some pretty mental purpose-built silhouette racers out there, not to mention tuned up rally cars and so on.