Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg, Sunday

Sunday didn’t go as planned, but it couldn’t have gone any better. My alarm went off, but I decided I needed a little more sleep rather than Stadium Super Trucks. I was going to hang out in the Pirelli World Challenge paddock to take pictures of them prepping for the second GT race of the weekend. Because it was going to be crowded, I wasn’t even going to bother shooting during the IndyCar race. Well, as you may have seen, that all went to hell in the best way possible.


The short story is that while waiting in the really long line to get in the gate, I was talking to the guy next to me. He pulls out a couple of Paddock Pass wrist bands. He was by himself, so I jokingly asked if the other one was spoken for. He said “No.” and gave it it to me. He then gave me the VIP Club wrist band and the Pit Suite pass. I offered to pay him, he declined. He had others that he gave to some friends, but had one extra set left over. He said he was hoping to give them to a pretty girl. I told him that if he needed me to be a pretty girl, that I would be a pretty girl. Thankful, he declined.

Then, as we were still waiting in line, realizing that we’ll probably miss the start of the race; he was chatting up a cop, asking about something or other. The cop saw the badge for the suites and told us to go to the credentials entrance (which was right by the suites) and we’d get right in. I knew where that was, so off we went. Got in and up to the suite just in time for the formation laps.

Had I gotten up when planned, this wouldn’t have happened. Because so many people were filling in to the line every second, had I done anything different Sunday morning, I wouldn’t have randomly ended up in line where I did. Had I not stopped to re-tie my shoes, I would have been 20 people in front of him. If I would have gotten stuck at a crosswalk, I would have been 20 people or more behind him.

This was my exchange with Azrek about it. You can clearly see that the suite life was going to my head.


There were brownies and whiskey. They were delicious.

So, I shot the race from up above the front straight. My long lens is not the right lens for shooting race cars traveling at 150mph at a good distance in front of you. It’ll take great pictures, but it’s sensitive. And old. The slightest bump will rotate the focus ring. I did manage to get some cool shots. Enjoy.

The Start!
Will Power
Graham Rahal hits the pits after loosing some bits on lap one.
Charlie Kimball is the reason for Graham’s missing bits.
Oh look! Helio Castronves found some of Graham’s bits.
Mikhail Aleshin
Will Power in the pits.
Spencer Pigot’s exploding brake, Part One.
Spencer Pigot’s exploding brake, Part Two.
Spencer Pigot’s exploding brake, Part Three.
Sebastien Bourdais up to second.
Scott Dixion
This picture couldn’t have lined up any better.
Josef Newgarden and Conor Daly race on to pit lane.
Winner Winner!
Bobby Rahal was my suitemate!

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