As I mentioned in a post earlier, I'll be hosting a few Oppo sessions on Grand Theft Auto Online over the next few days.

Well, one of those events has just begun.

I'm hosting an invite only Oppo Car Show session on Xbox Live right now.

The show will take place at the Lake Vinewood Estates.

GT is carcrasher88, feel free to put your gamertag in a reply below so I can invite you if you're not already on my friends list and/or part of the Grand Theft Oppo crew.

Also, feel free to take pics using Snapmatic and share them below.

If anyone wants to hold a PS3 event at the same location or a different location, inquire below and feel free to post pics from said session here as well.

Oppositelock is a community, and I wanna let GTAO players share in this regardless of if they're on Xbox 360 or PS3.


I'll be sharing this post to the frontpage every 2-3 hours so others don't miss out.