Grand Theft Oppo Car Show (Xbox 360) - Streetside Edition

Not all car shows happen in parking/dealer lots. Sometimes they take place on the side of the street.

That's where today's Oppo Car Show comes in.

The event will be on Mirror Park Blvd. between the LTD station and the actual Mirror Park.


There's lots of parking along the side of the street, and you won't have to worry about holding up traffic and them scraping the side of your car.

Pretty much any land vehicle that will fit in a parking spot is welcome.

If you're already on my friends list or part of the Grand Theft Oppo Crew, you should recieve an invite shortly.


Anyone else can reply with their gamertag and I'll invite you in immediately.

This event will pretty much go on through the evening and into the night, so if you can't make it now, you can get in later.


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