Get ready, folks. It's almost here.

I'm talking about the High Life Update for GTA Online. The release date has been set, May 13. That means we've got less than a week before it drops.

In celebration of the update's release, I'll be holding an Oppo Car Show on the evening of the release, starting around 6pm EST.

Before that, I'll be holding a couple more Oppo Car Show sessions, starting with one this afternoon, at about 1PM EST.

There will also be Oppo Car Shows on Friday (6PM EST), and Sunday (12PM EST).

Saturday will be a Grand Theft Oppo Crew-only Mission and Race session, where I'll be hosting missions and races to help players earn more money that can come in handy on Tuesday. That session will start at around Noon EST.


If you can't make it then, I'll be holding another Crew-only Mission and Race session from 2-6pm EST on Tuesday, as a pre Oppo Car Show event.

So, mark your calendars and schedule your weekends accordingly so you can make any of the events you'd like to participate in.

All sessions will be Xbox 360 only.

Here's a new image of the cars in the update in the meanwhile: