I spent a little time over at the in-laws’ looking for a DVD/VCR combo for the kiddos that I knew was there, new in the box. My father in law had purchased it but never used it, and since it was still in the box I had a better chance of it working than the other half dozen or so he had been hoarding in his little basement ‘apartment’.

While looking around down there I decided to take a peek inside the workshop my wifes grandpa had until he died in the early 90's. Its been mainly untouched, and this is just a small portion of the stuff on the shelves.


Lots of old car radios, cans of chemicals, a classic v-belt driven turbo alternator...

I also poked into the shed because I knew of a few other automotive doo-dads on the property.


We still have a LOT of dad’s stuff to go through, and with grandma still alive, kickin’, and living there alone there’s been talks of finding her a safer cleaner place to live... her daughters are in charge of that though so until they make the call all we have power of attorney of is dad’s ‘estate’... which basically now is mostly electronic audio equipment and VHS tapes.


But at least now we can watch them, I guess.

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