Let’s talk about running into a car’s doppelganger.

1974 911 form CL

I was looking through CL for interesting cars this past week and came across something surprising. A yellow 1974 Porsche 911 with a tan interior. It was so strikingly similar to my grandfather’s old 911 that at first I thought it must have been his. There simply cannot be that many of these left in North Carolina with that particular color configuration. I had to dig up my old post to confirm that they are different years and that the wheels are different.


But here is the part that threw me for a loop. They both have white lamb skin seat covers only on the drivers side, bizarre! Was this a factory option or just a common thing in the 70s?

Left: Car from CL with lamb skin seat cover. Right: My grandfather’s 911 with lamb skin seat cover visible in window.

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