When I was a kid I inherited a WWII era garment bag with the insignia of the USS Yorktown, CV-10. It was my grandfathers. I didn’t know him well. He passed away when I was young and he and my mom didn’t get along. Long story there. Well, this weekend we are on a Cub Scout trip and will be sleeping Saturday night on the Yorktown. Frankly, I had forgotten the link between the Yorktown and my grandfather’s WWII career until yesterday. I pinged one of my uncles to find out what he had done. Turns out he was a gunner on a torpedo bomber. Odds are that would be a TBM Avenger. His squadron had been based out of Hawaii so it makes sense.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I’m hoping that the folks who run the ship as a museum will have more info. It would be amazing, and highly unlikely, to find a list with his name on it, but you never know.