This time while racing in asetto corsa. The screen is presenting me with a nice lime green over black honeycomb and the sound of an e30 at about 4,000 RPM is stuck on loop. The wheel is also turning itself at will in random directions. The car is probably somewhere in the wall by eau rouge by now, if the software is even keeping track still.

Either the past 3 or 4 drivers for this laptop’s card (540M) have been buggy or there’s something wrong with the hardware; in one program or another it’s been doing this sort of thing lately. I rarely even use the sim setup I built since this 5 1/2 year old laptop can juuuuust barely run the software (settings all on low to get an almost-acceptable frame rate to the external monitor).

With my garage unoccupiably cold, I think it might be close to time to finally build the desktop I’ve been thinking of and delay parts acquisition for the Chevelle. Shouldn’t have these problems with an i7 6700k and a gtx 1070, and I won’t freeze putting it together. (I’ve also been having some other weird problems with this computer lately, mostly stemming from windows).

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