Well......there’s nothing really to update. The floors have all been taken up and the walls trimmed. No more work can be done until we empty the first room of EVERYTHING (including stuff from a lot of the other rooms) back into a different room so a floor could be put down.

We’re not sure what floor we’re getting but pre-flood it was subfloor with tile in the hallway/hallway closets and the rec room was legit oak hardwood with a subfloor. The storage/furnace room and unfinished bathroom (functioning toilet, but no finished walls and only a plywood subfloor - we used it as a second storage room anyway) we’re not going to bother getting floors back in as the storage room never had any before in the first place and as we store things in the bathroom, we don’t care about a floor in there until we someday decide to finish the bathroom (it was unfinished when we moved into this house).

We’re thinking we may just get the cement leveled and have tile put down everywhere as we’re hoping that would be the cheapest and easiest (and most future flood proof if any of this happens again, but we haven’t decided.

My brother’s desktop PC works fine, but his video card has been shorted in the flood...new video card now and everything else seems fine so he has his PC set back up temporarily in his bedroom rather than the rec room (and he also still has his laptop) and all is well. I hadn’t even tried turning my desktop PC on since the flood, but I am typing from it right now (temporarily testing it on the kitchen floor...lol) and all seems fine with it so far! :)

That’s pretty much it at the moment....I bought a new less-easily-clogged drain cover for the outside drain near the basement door in case that was the problem. Nobody seems to be able to figure out what happened exactly and where the water came from, so I might’ve done it for no reason, but at this point, I think $12 for ‘just in case’ is a good enough reason in case it ever happens again...