As the title said, i found a Porsche 356A Spyder on sale just a few hours from my house. It's very rough, has rust everywhere, and not even runs. I've text the owner and offer him 1000 bucks, and he agrees.

The question is, if i'm going to restore a Classic, is 356A Spyder is a good start? or the Coupe, since i also found a silver Coupe for about the same price?


Both has the 1.6l flat-4, both is silver, and both comes with all the paperwork needed. I Don't know how much a 356 can bring, since i think there's only 2 356 in concours level in Indonesia (A White 356A Spyder and Green 356A Coupe). But i believe the 356 could past 200k easily.

And oh, lastly, NP?

Here's the Coupe btw, similarly rough and not even runs too.