It's the Phaeton that sent me down this path of contemplation and a reply to a comment I made on the front page about that VW.

It's a great car, I said. I just wouldn't pick one for the price, I said.


Well, for one - just look...

But more then just looks, it's not a drivers car. Okay, look - it's a great drive... but it's just as great in the passenger seat, or even the rear seats, as it is in the pilots chair. That holds no appeal for me and, I said, it's pretty common among the Oppo crowd too. By and large, I suggested, we'd prefer something slightly worse for the money.

There's no debating it; the Phaeton is bloody amazing and when you consider the price to pick one up today, you'd have to be kind of insane to pass one up. But I think that insanity breeds character and that character is more important than quality.


Every day, I'd walk out to my Phaeton and feel content, feel satisfied... but I'd never feel excited. There's just no emotion attached to the Phaeton and, I'd argue, the same goes for a variety of other vehicles designed to be as technologically superior as the Phaeton.

Examples? Give me a million bucks and tell me I have to spend it on one car... there's absolutely no way I'm buying a Veyron. Give me a hundred and twenty grand and I'll walk straight away from the GT-R.


So, my question to my fellow Opponauts is this: Am I broken in the brain? Or maybe, you agree?

Can you think of other examples of excellent cars you'd just never own?