Gathered here are the Oppositelock posts that people put a good deal of effort into writing on Monday. It includes registering a car without a title, people assuming you know everything about cars, a guide to buying car parts on the cheap and more.

I have a disease. A disease that causes me to look at every vehicle/engine combination and say "No, no, no, you've got it all wrong!" A Fiero with an Iron Duke? WRONG! A Barracuda with a slant six 225? WRONG! A DeLorean with a French V6?What are you, high? This is a fairly common disease, known in the medical field as LS7-itis. It is closely related to Hayabusirosis. There is also the rare Viperexia, but you don't see that much because there is so little overlap between Mopar guys and people who can afford Viper engines.

It's fairly well known that I'm into cars. That's fine with me, and I enjoy talking about cars. What I do not enjoy is when people start thinking I know everything about every car on the road. It's ok to ask me about my thoughts on a car, or an opinion about something automotive, but if we're together and see a interesting car don't assume I know what it is, how much power it has, how fast it goes or the name of the daughter of the guy that installed the wiring harness…


A little bit of background for those who don't know or don't remember: I had previously owned a 2001 Boxster S... which caught fire. We never really determined the exact cause, but I suspect an IMS Bearing failure had something to do with it. Anyway— after that, I was a bit wary of getting back into a Boxster again, so I went with something familiar: a 2007 Ford Mustang GT… I enjoyed driving this Mustang, but it never felt as natural and pleasurable as the Boxster had.


There are many sources for car parts whether used or new that are available locally and online depending on the type of project or repair you are working on. I am going to cover both used and new for regular maintenance in this part of the series and will cover upgrades and projects in the next article.


To drive tuned usually means to drive compromised... In the quest of speed, we often give up on comforts. Deleted, heavy sound systems, spine-shattering suspension set-ups, lopey idling and a back seat full of roll-cage-scaffolding always makes even the quickest trip to the market a chore.

Long time no post, but I've got a good excuse. My wife and I are overjoyed to be expecting our first child after nearly 11 wonderful years of marriage. It's simultaneously beautiful and horrifying news, and has sent us on a mad dash to get our finances, health, home, and even our car in order before the July 24th, 2014 due date.


The Volvo PV800 Sugga (Swedish for sow) was built for fleet use and dominated the Swedish taxicab market for many years. The TP21 version was a 4X4 version built for Swedish military needs - which after WWII has been mostly fighting stampeding moose and trying to keep the Soviets feeling insecure. Also have a look at It Is Impossible To Look At This Opel GT Without Smiling.


The Best of the Rest

Jlmounce shared the history of his Firebird project. HarryCarry250 had some fun with the parking laws and street cleaners in NYC. JayhawkJake posted some in flight footage of his R/C plane. RiceRocketeer did some DIY headlight repair. Decay found some interesting car in a junk yard. FJ80waitinforacummins repaired his sunroof. Paizuri4G63 posted some videos from Watkins Glen. MayoKetchup found a very yellow RS4. Bandit had an argument with a snowbank. Bob Loblaw spotted a BMW Z8 with a hardtop.


As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.

Fun Discussions

There were several posts that asked questions and sparked some good discussion on Monday. Take a peek and chime in on some of them listed below:

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