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Great Day for a Boat Ride

Occasionally for my job, I get to hop on the Prudence Island ferry and go deliver lumber over there. My truck is big and the boat is tiny.

Today is kinda rainy and crappy, but the water looks fairly calm so there’s that. Last time I did this I had a single huge framing load and only one stop, this time I’ve got about 11 pallets and...looks like 9 or 10 different stops. I fueled my lift before I left, because if I run out of diesel on the island I’ll be syphoning it out of my truck’s tank with a straw.


I did break my lift yesterday:

I was backing that load up to drop in front of this house, and a hydraulic line let go. I was still able to put the load down roughly where the guy wanted it, but the lift was dead in the water. I ended up having to leave it for a flatbed to pick up, run back to the shop and pick up another lift to finish my deliveries.


Anyway, we’re underway to the island, so I’ve got about 25 minutes before I have to pretend to work for the rest of the day. Can’t wait. 

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