Thanks to Groupon, the family decided two 3-lap sessions at Xtreme Xperience were the correct package for Dad (me). So, now I get the tough job of choosing two of the following:


F430 F1

997 Turbo





GT-R Premium

Here is my current thought process: At first, I thought the decision was a no-brainer. Gallardo and F430. Then, I got to thinking how much I love GT cars. Especially RWD GT cars. The GTR, California and R8 don't really make me weak in the knees. I have driven the 997 (thought not a Turbo). That basically leaves me choosing between the Gallardo and F430 for the mid-engine, and between the SLS and DBS for the GT.

The Gallardo/F430 decision has me leaning toward Maranello mostly due to the RWD and how pretty much everyone feels how balanced it is. I am sure the Gallardo would be just as fun. This is a very difficult one.

The SLS/DBS decision is as difficult, mostly because I know much less about them. All indications are that the SLS is a fantastic car. But the DBS is a v12.

First world problems, indeed.