So much mud!

We isntalled an old man emu lift on this XJ in the spring, hoping we’d get a lot of use out of it before winter. Mission accomplished, I think? Yesterday we took it on the most serious trails it’s been on, which was really exciting. Videos soon. This thing looks hilarious trundling around downtown Boston covered in mud.

We encountered so many characters out in the woods. One of them had an old silverado with a 572 Chevy crate motor in it, on 44" tires. He was pulling people out, and then backed his rig into the merrimac river doing a thousand point turn since the turning radius was so bad. He got so stuck that everyone eventually left with him still on the phone trying to find a big truck to pull him out. Fortunately, he’d already pulled out our friends in a two week old rubico, which was totally beached on some dense clay.