On my 16th birthday I received the gift of a lifetime. A gift so magnificent I must share it with you crazy son of a guns. It just so happened that my drivers test was the day after my birthday, and the first day of school. I was less then enthused to be missing some of my school day. (I'm a major nerd who lives through school.) I was also unconfident in my abilities as a young driver. I begged my mom to cancel the test but she never relented to my constant pleas of "not being ready". That is because she knew something I didn't.


My grandparents came over on my birthday to say hi and give me my present. My grandma and grandpa have a history of giving a $50 bill and a funny little card but that night the came over with much more. They arrived in their baby blue '85 plymouth that formally belonged to my great grandma. This was not their daily driver and I was excited to see it. I have loved that car for more than 10 years now and always opened up the garage door and see it when I go to my grandparents house. (1-2 times a week.) I had been allowed to drive it with my parents on several occasions. I thought they were showing me the car as a little pep talk for the next day. They handed me a set of keys and I thought "ok they are taking me on little cruise". Then they handed me a second set! I all hit me what was happening and my jaw nearly hit the ground.

I think I hugged my grandparents one-hundred times. I was ecstatic, just pumped. I then had the fire and confidence to pass that test that my parents and drivers ed instructor knew I could. I ended up passing the test and was able to drive to school on the first day of my sophomore year.


Now the car...... A baby blue plymouth reliant se with the 2.2 efi and 3 speed auto.the real kicker is it has nearly no rust and just 59k miles. It was a garage queen only driven once a month. Now I have had my license for 3 months and still in love with the mini mopar.

I thought you hoons at oppo would like my story.

Ps. If my grammar is slightly off I'm sorry.