Great, I might unexpectedly need a new clutch (a.k.a. BMW 335 pressure plates are dogshit and now I'm going for a better clutch)

I brought my car to my mechanic to install my new brake goodies and diagnose a couple issues including a hitch in my clutch pedal when letting it out. He’s pretty sure it’s a bad pressure plate. I searched the forums, and lots of folks talk about broken 335i/xi pressure plates with clutch disks that still seem fine. Yay?

Upgrading my clutch is something I thought I’d have to do at some point, because I have an upgraded intake, charge piping, intercooler, and downpipe along with a pretty aggressive ECU tune. In theory I’m somewhere around 360-375 whp vs 275-290 whp stock. But I was hoping the clutch upgrade wouldn’t be right now.


BMW uses a higher capacity clutch on the E92/3 335is and F10 550i that’s interchangeable into the regular 335i & 335xi. It doesn’t cost any more than a regular 335i/xi replacement clutch, and is much cheaper than any of the aftermarket options. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Between this and my newly-upgraded brakes, there’s basically not much left to do to mod the car, except for big ticket items like an upgraded turbo, big brake kits, or a rear LSD. And....those aren’t happening any time soon.

I’d better keep this stupid car a long time.

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