...and I get up to use the washroom because I can’t sleep (snowstorm raging outside tonight). Use the washroom....and as I go to leave, hear scratching/scurrying noises in the wall...Mom and I had both THOUGHT we had heard some yesterday, but ignored it thinking it was just that noise you hear when water from the furnace starts flowing through the pipes when a hot water furnace hasn’t kicked on in awhile and the pipes have cooled.

F*CKIN’ WONDERFUL. With the basement flood back in October (they are only now finally putting the basement back together now), the bottom of all the walls had been ripped out down there due to water damage, and the basement door’s shot weather stripping hadn’t been fixed yet as the different contractor we were going to get to replace that entire door frame / door keeps flaking out on us. So now we may have a mouse infestation? Just freaking great...

Anybody ever have mice in their walls (with pets in the house) and have any idea how to get rid of them? Nobody’s SEEN anything, or any signs of them outside in any rooms anywhere?

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