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Great Jorb Oppo

I just wanted to say, that Oppo used to be, much like Camelot, a silly place and while it still is mostly a silly place it’s also where I get far more rapid and interesting news and information compared to other places that pay people to do the same.


Rory, my man, if you are listening, the content on the site is a little lacking these days in both speed, consistency, and interest.

A day on the Jalopniks

  • Rob posts about used cars - good
  • A picture happens - meh
  • The morning shift - which is hard work and I respect that.
  • Advice from Tom - usually good
  • Some news with shitty takes and no real details I already saw/heard about/got the details from on Oppo. - Not so great. Not fast, accurate or fun.
  • some kind of people are flying/driving/riding wrong story - sometimes giz sometimes earther, sometimes jalopnik. - Mostly meh, sometime worth the read.
  • shitposting from Jason - Fun but a little stale in its formula at this point, either more or less is needed.
  • Real story or something genuinely related to people being car people or a technical deep dive. - Sadly these end up being some of the fewer read stories mostly because they seem to be pushed to the end of the day for some reason.
  • The BB, everyone is dumb but me after dark show. - almost universally terrible.

it boils down to some content usually every hour or more but only one or two good pieces in a while day (generally)


The triad is fast, fun, accurate, but we aren’t getting so much of any.

Just saying - good job Oppo, on being the people’s Jalopnik.  For while there is much posting of shit, there is also fast and fun news, some great technical conversations and frankly...the heart and soul that’s gone missing from Jalopnik.

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