I’m back from Iceland! And I’m exhausted, so I’m not going to share tons of pictures right now. Here’s one of our trusty Jimny, though. It was a 2014 with about 115,000km on it, a 5-speed manual, 4 wheel drive, and heat. That’s... about it. It was all we needed.

Strictly speaking, “off-roading” isn’t really allowed in Iceland. But there are plenty of roads that are quite rugged if you wish to try them, and in this case, this was a huge embankment off the edge of a dirt... parking lot(?) where you could take a ferry over to Vestmannaeyjar (aka “Westman Islands”). One of the biggest reasons you’re not allowed to just drive off the roads anywhere you like is because of the damage to the fragile ecosystem. This was a huge pile of rocks, put there by people, filled in with sand by nature. There wasn’t a land-based plant within 200 meters. I figured it was ok. We did not drive around on that beach; you can’t really tell but it’s about a six foot drop to the left of the Jimny. Not sheer, but quite steep.


This was the view to our south, of the aforementioned islands:

More to come.

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