Great News!

Motortrend interviewed Mazda’s US CEO and some of his comments are encouraging-


“Is the manual transmission still alive and well at Mazda?

Of course. We couple it with all-wheel drive on the new Mazda3 to provide the best driving experience. (I haven’t seen any news about this but is it confirmation?)

Will you expand AWD across the lineup in the U.S.?

My intention is yes. It is much safer in all road conditions and is fun to drive.

That means adding it to the Mazda6 in the future, but not the MX-5?

Yes, everything but the MX-5. Probably Miata we’ll keep rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive doesn’t make sense.

Do you still see a place for cars today?

Absolutely. I understand people moving from sedan to crossover, but is the sedan market disappearing completely? I don’t think so. The customer who loves driving loves sedans.

Are there still plans to offer the Mazda6 with a diesel here?

We have been working on that, because we do have a very good diesel engine with the CX-5. We have to go through the same validation process.”


Read the full interview:

Also related, Road & Track spoke to Mazda engineers asking about bringing the Speed nameplate back:


Great news for me because finally Mazda 6 2.5 Turbo+AWD!

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Honestly, if they did that it’s my next car. I’ll take one in Soul Red please. C’MON MAZDA!

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