Great, now I have hantavirus.

Pulled the last bits of moldy mouse pee and turd infested interior from the Esprit last night (shit, I just remembered the ‘package shelf’ and speaker grilles... and I think there’s insulation behind the dash. crap.) being the door panels and seat belts. Well, MOST of the seat belts. Those encrusted into the rusty floor will have to have the metal cut out around the bolts, and removed while in a vice, or something.

I couldn’t get to the window crank clips, so I just ripped the nasty door panels off, saving what hardware was good that I need for my TA.


I also removed the mirrors which are WAY TOO EASY, especially the passenger side. I bet theft of them was pretty high back in the 70's and 80's....

I found this neat tag in the inside of the passenger door’s water shield, which looked original compared to the driver’s, which had been ripped and taped back on in pieces.


The seatbelt retractors mounted to the roof came out 75% without cutting and swearing. The last welded nut on the passenger side broke free, so I just cut it out. The retractors are locked, but they might be rebuildable so they might be worth a couple bucks. Maybe? Speaking of which, I sold an extra air cleaner that I found in the trunk off a 4bbl turbo 301 car, so I’m $100 less in debt. Minus all the bits and bolts I’ve been saving for my TA I’m well on my way to having a “free” parts car. Hell, it might even pay me soon.


I started pulling the dash apart but by then it was getting dark and I really need to see how it all comes apart before I just start ripping and gnawing on stuff. Found where that red wire that was tapped into the fusebox went though. I don’t THINK it was factory, since it was just lying in there, and because I found a cut wire where this ‘new’ wire goes to.


Its a blower/rear window defogger relay. Not sure why it was bypassed or whatever, since I can’t find a wiring diagram for it. Maybe once I have the rest of the dash pulled I can trace it.

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