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So I haven’t posted any updates to The Great Oppo Hunt since originally talking about it back in February. This, as one would expect, has been due to the pandemic and waiting to see when it would be safe to venture outdoors. Now that parts of the country are reopening I figured it was time for an update.


I’m now looking at holding the hunt for a two week period in August: August 9-22. My question to the Oppo community is whether you feel you will be able to comfortably and safely (or at least “safely”) travel around on a treasure hunt by that point, without falling afoul of any regulations or restrictions in your area. Also, is that window large enough or should I expand it and add the week before/after?

Also, after some consideration, the hunt will take place on Instagram much like the last Oppo Rally did. This is because the hashtags make it easier to follow along and see what others have found, and I don’t need to worry about the hunt post being buried in Oppo. EDIT: At the suggestion/request of some I am looking into other sites/apps for hosting the hunt.


Let me know your thoughts on holding Oppo Hunt in August. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about check out the original Great Oppo Hunt post here.

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