Great Oppo Hunt: Update and Checkpont Submissions

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Rejoice, for Oppo Hunt approaches!

I’m going to make a formal gameplay post to go up either late this week or early next week, but I just wanted to get a few FAQs out there.


1. After spending a bit more time trying to find a better platform I have to officially announce that, yes, the game will be on Instagram. Sorry, folks, I tried.

2. Start date: The list of checkpoints will go up in Oppo on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 4 (exact time to be announced later). This is to give people a few days to research locations and plan before the weekend, though if you’re able to bang out a few checkpoints on a weekday then more power to you.


3. End date: August 24.

4. Format: At the start time I will post a list of items that are odd enough to be interesting, but can still be found in pretty much every state. For example, it could be something like “highway sign with ‘69' on it (nice),” or “artillery gun that’s been turned into a monument/memorial,” or “dinosaur statue.” You will have to find an example of the item out in the wild, photograph it with your mascot/token item in the photo (as demonstrated in the top image by my dinoroar), and post the photo to the gram. You will only be able to score one example of each hunt item. So, for example, if you stumble upon an entire dinosaur sculpture garden you can’t go and log every dino in the joint. Scoring will be maintained via google spreadsheet (if a couple people want to volunteer to hep maintain the sheet I won’t say no).


And now, a task for Oppo. I have amassed a decent sized list of checkpoints. I’m happy with my list, but at the same time I’m sure there’s some excellent ideas I haven’t thought of. So I’m opening the floor to Oppo to offer submissions. Give me any idea you have, the only rule being it has to be something that can be found in virtually any state. I want to see what the hive mind can come up with before I finalize my list.

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