Greetings fellow Opponauts!

Here is my first stab at a post so take it as you will.

My wife and I have lived in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area for 3 years now and I have noticed something...there are a shitload of awesome cars!!! Sure there are your run of the mill Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsche, everything you would expect from one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, but there are also tons of random and extremely cool cars at every turn. Im planning on doing a series of what I will very loosely call "articles" regarding some of the cooler shops in the area, stay tuned.

In the mean time here are is a small selection of cars I have seen within the past week.



Nice 500 Abarth

Cool old panel truck


Talked to the owner and he said it was a 1997 +8, beautiful.




Not sure if its a "real" RS4 Avant as they were never imported but Ive seen many cars that are not "supposed" to be in the states driving around here so...

One more for the road, you may recognize this beaut from a certain video featuring a certain biggish hairy gentleman. Its as loud as he says it is.


Hope you enjoy a taste on your Friday.