Nicole Conlan recycles half an Autosport post, adds some content of her own which makes it sound like something it’s not, and does all this a day after the event when there’s much more informed reporting than the Autosport flash all over the web. Genius.

“Hayden Paddon was driving a Hyundai i20 WRC when the vehicle’s speed carried it off the road and into the group of spectators.” Strictly speaking correct, he was driving a Hyundai and its speed did carry it off the road. But totally misleading, both as to the cause of the crash and the cause of the injuries. He hit an unexpected rut going over a flat out crest, got off line, rolled it, and only then did the vehicle’s momentum carry it into spectators who were standing somewhere stupid (and had apparently been warned). Speed was only a factor inasmuch as race cars go fast.

My sympathy to Paddon: crashing, and even hurting yourself or your co-driver, sucks but the possibility is part of the deal if you want to race. Hurting bystanders is something you hope never to do. Even if they are the ones at fault, which appears to be the case here. Fortunately he was mentally able to get back on the horse and complete the rally.

Video of the crash and aftermath here: