After a month of radio silence, the local Mazda dealer “looked into” the seat replacement they promised me. Apparently they had supply chain issues somewhere along the line, but whatever the reason, the Miata will be getting a replacement seat soon. Here’s to hoping they don’t somehow crash the car into a wall during the repair.

For those not in the loop, I took my car to the local dealer for an oil change and a possible warranty repair. They left the top down on a hot summer day and their plastic wrap melted to my seat. No amount of detailing could get the stains out. They promised to take care of it, but I heard nothing until I emailed the manager earlier this week.


The Miata is now one step closer to taking the Best of Show award at the 2094 Concours d’Elegance held in Salinas after rising sea levels have swallowed Pebble Beach up.

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