Great Success!

After literal years of trying to convince my grandma to get a smaller car, she finally traded in her ‘02 Ram last night on something much nicer, quieter, more fuel efficient, and just plain more fitting for her.

The newly non-functioning heat and misfire on the Ram pushed her over the edge. Thank you Dodge for your shoddy workmanship in the early 2000s.

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It’s a CPO 2014 Regal 2.0T with 47,000 miles on it. Crystal Red Tintcoat over Ebony leather. I’m usually not a fan of old lady red but it’s very, very pretty on this car. It’s not loaded to the gills, but has plenty of toys to overwhelm my grandma whose truck didn’t even have power adjusting seats. It met her two requirements of a backup camera and remote start too so it was a great success. Plus she bought it through my work so I get an $100 referal bonus!

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