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Greedy Bastard

Over by the counter at a local Goodwill store was a basket of devices similar to the above but a little cheaper. There wasn’t a price anywhere on them, so I asked and was told that they were 5/$1.00. That seemed to be too good to be true so I confirmed that they were indeed 20 cents each. I should have grabbed a handful right then and there, but I assumed that there would be plenty when I returned to the register in a few minutes after a quick check through the store.

I found a few items to buy and went to check out about three minutes later. I was about to ask the cashier to grab a few of those charger things for me but some dude grabbed the entire basket as she was reaching for them and was now in line behind me. I asked if I could get a few but he said no, that he was buying them all. Rot in hell, you selfish prick...


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