Since I’m on the topic of green cars... I spotted a Bentley Bentayga yesterday. A not-so-hot take follows after the jump.

The Bentayga I spotted was Apple Green with the chromed grille option, similar to the picture above. It was awful.


A Bentley should look big - because it is big - but it should look smooth, powerful, luxurious and fully in control of its heft. This particular shade of green made the car look oversized and ungainly.

Under the bright midday sun, the chrome grille was too bright, too sparkly. It was gaudy and looked very cheap.

Note to Bentayga buyers: the vehicle you’re purchasing is an affront to the Bentley brand, so at the very least, keep it tasteful.

In just in case you’re wondering, this is what a green Bentley should look like:


I keep buying lottery tickets in the hopes that one day I’ll win enough to buy a car just like it.

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