So a few years ago Mrs. LastFirstMI got tired of my constant internet obsessing over cars and said “just buy one already”. I immediately went online and bought an M3 from 500 miles away (I mean, you can’t wait and risk a last minute change of heart, right?). A year later we sold most of our stuff to move overseas; now we’re back and here I am stalking cars on the interwebs.

I have, once again, been given the “green light” and I need OPPO guidance. My budget is lower this time (15-25k), the car must have a back seat for munchkin transport duty and be reliable enough for once or twice a week 60 mile commutes. My short list follows:

Focus ST

Audi S3 wagon

E46 M3

Also-rans but DNF:

Volvo C30 R design

Volkswagen GTI

Lexis IS 350

Subaru WRX

Best interior- my butt wants this one


All around best choice for adult and not-grown-up me
The heart wants what the heart wants

Obviously it will be blue. I told her the answer was Miata, but my proposal to store the kids in the trunk didn’t fly. Any other alternatives I’m missing?

My brain says Ford (with a warranty and all that boring stuff), but my heart wants another M3, repair bills and 10 year old infotainment tech be damned!