Actually, I’m not there anymore. I spent Wednesday-Saturday there for training at Milwaukee School of Engineering. The training was for a Flight & Space class I have to teach next year. I didn’t have much time for fun. I explored the city a bit on the scooter(it was nice), but I was doing homework until 11 each night and up at 6am to start it all over again.

I did manage to stop at the Harley Museum to take this picture. I didn’t have time to go inside, but it was only a few blocks from the hotel so I was able to make a quick detour.

Illustration for article titled Greetings from Meal-e-walk-ay

The drive home yesterday evening was rough. I was completely drained and tired, but I also had a crushing sinus headache and my stomach wasn’t in any condition to handle coffee. I almost pulled off the highway and took a little nap, but managed to make it home. I was in bed by 8.

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