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Greetings off planet travelers

Thanks to our resident His Stigness, my girlfriend and I were able to get into Galaxy’s Edge (the new “Star Wars Land” area at Disneyland) this weekend. While we definitely do not qualify as “Star Wars nerds”, we were very much still able to appreciate the opportunity to get into this new section of the park. You basically feel as if you are on a real planet within the Star Wars universe, tucked away into a back corner of Disneyland. The cast members really sell the whole “off planet” thing and the whole area is done with Disney’s usual extreme attention to detail. While I still don’t care that much for the magical Disneyland thing, it was still neat to go for a day and enjoy the experience. We never waited in a long line, it was not overly hot, and the crowds overall were pretty light. Plus I had an excuse to wear my new star wars themed blipshift shirt!


There was not a huge amount of things to do in Galaxy’s Edge but it was still a really awesome place to get to go to. The one ride available right now was quite neat and worth the adventure alone. It was unique from other rides in the park and the styling of the line to get in was pretty sweet. Overall, it was a really cool place to visit and I am glad to have gotten the chance to go.


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