I think we need to get some people together and play this online, or do offline challenges using best lap times and screenshots or pictures. If you have XB360 then great, if you have it on another system then we will figure a way to work this out,. Does anyone have it for XB360? Heres screenshots with a small review too.


I've messed around in every mode with this game, and it is all amazing, they have proper tandem style drifting, Endurance mode, racing, checkpoint, time trials. The cars feel amazing in this game, they slide and move around like a proper car. The damage is awesome. It is nothing like Grid 2. Which I thought was terrible, It goes back to how the first one was, and improved upon it. Its 20$ at Gamestop brand new, and worth every penny.....If you have an XB360 or whatever other system it is on just go grab it.