A very productive weekend as far as Grimace is concerned. It's now 99.9% complete. But first, STORY TIME!!!

As yesterday was Father's Day, my daughter wanted to help me work on Grimace. I love spending time with the Goose (she sits behind me in the cars and for some reason I started calling her Goose). Anyway, she comes outside in one of my old T-shirts and is handing me tools while I'm re-installing the fuel tank. Well, I had to double check the hardlines so I had her blow air from my compressor through the lines in the engine bay so I could feel what lines they corresponded to near the tank. First line, all air. Second line...

Old gasoline at 60 psi right into my eyes. Goose did a great job holding my hand and leading me to the garden hose. She turned it on and handed it to me, asking the entire time if I was okay and saying she was sorry. I wasn't mad at her and I told her it wasn't her fault, but she was sorry she hurt my eyes. Let's just say I had a talk with her about safety when working on stuff and daddy just showed her what NOT to do.

After that little incident, the fuel tank was installed and has fuel in it, all lines installed, power steering system removed (still working some bugs out on the capped system though), and we tried to fire it.


Nothing. Double check the fuel pump. Nothing. I wired it per the instructions and got no power to it. Ended up disconnecting the splice and touching the power to the positive terminal on the battery. EUREKA! We got fuel now. Going to re-wire that tonight/this week to a better source.

So Grimace is re-parked in the driveway, ready to have the battery charged some more when I get home (battery charger was getting hot and I didn't want to take chances). I also need to double check my igniter/coil setup as I stupidly didn't mark the connections when I removed it (although, I had planned on running an MSD system but buying the Supra killed my budget). I'm pretty sure it's right, but I want to double/triple/quadruple check it.