Like the Jackson Browne song goes, I'm Runnin' on Empty. Between working full time, going to school full time, and trying to spend time with my family, I'm beat. Naturally, I haven't been driving Grimace because it's more convenient to just hop in the wife's Enclave, start it, and go. Compared to starting Grimace, allowing it to warm up so it idles correctly, and then going. Not to mention, I'm still breaking in the motor and trying to dial in the carbs.

Anyway, last Friday, I managed to finish the homework I had due in a reasonable amount of time, and decided I was going to head out to Dick's Drive-In for the weekly meet they have (8pm Friday nights at the Dick's in Edmonds if any Seattle Jalops are interested).

(Photo by Jen Peterson/Stellar Photography)
So as I pull Grimace into the driveway to clean it out, I notice an oil leak. From under the passenger side headlights.


Didn't see anything obvious, so I wiped everything down, revved it a bunch and nothing. Took it for a drive... OIL EVERYWHERE. Parked it, and said "Fuck it. Back to moar homework."

Saturday, a friend came over to measure the driveline of the '79 Supra. After we did that, we looked at Grimace's nose bleed. Turns out it was the damn valve cover gasket. Still didn't have time to do it, so it sat until last night.

So, I jump on the gasket last night, for whatever reason, the gasket was cut/a chunk taken out on the forward portion of the passenger side of the valve cover. Like a good 2" long chunk was missing. Not in the cam valley, so I have no idea. Swap was fairly straight forward, but I wanted to clean up the engine bay after all that oil. Thankfully my wife and daughter really enjoy washing cars, so after I degreased the bay, we had a mini car wash party before I zonked out.


Now, to get those carbs figured out...