We bought one of these a few weeks ago at the supermarket. We burned it the other night, and this is what I think of it.

It set us back about $10.00

Here goes nothing. It’s rated “HT” for heat, apparently.

Following the directions, I lit it with one match. It also said not to put directly on the ground/cement, so I grabbed a few bricks.


It’s kind of cute. After lighting it, I realized that those ashes needed somewhere to go, so we grabbed a cheap disposable pan from inside.


This is actually kind of clever. The star shaped slits go all the way through to the bottom, and it burns from the inside out, pulling air in from the bottom.

At this point, I wanted to see if it was portable. Veto from Mrs McMike.


So far, it looks like we’re getting $5 out of $10 worth. Ambiance is good, heat is low.

Wait, value is going up - heat detected.


Heat is happening - legs retracted.

Value is now $6/10


Now it’s burning on the outside.

Value now $8/10, and shit’s on fire, yo.


Ooops. Raise you hand if you saw THAT coming.

Saturday night campfire - plan B. Had to run and grab something to put it in.

$10/10 would burn again.

We usually build bigger fires for larger groups of people in a fireplace like this, but sometimes just want to sit outside for an hour or two. We saw this thing, and thought it might be good for that. We got almost an hour and a half out if it. Towards the end I grabbed a log or two from our pile to keep it going.


I think it’s great for what it is. It’s easy to transport, easy to light, and since outdoor fireplaces and chimineas are so readily available, it makes sense to have this product to go with them.

I just hope people actually put it in a pit instead of using the brick method I used and Gleb suggests. He says “You can burn it everywhere” None of the videos I found online of this thing showed it really burning - only the early cute versions.

I mentioned in a reply below that I had gloves, tongs, and quickly had it in a proper place to put the burning longs once they fell all over my driveway. My fear is that some people may not.

Maybe it said in the instructions, I don’t know since I didn’t read them.