Grom Life - Week 1 (100mpg of Badass)

Here it is our new 2015 Honda Grom 125. I thought this would be a great way to commute back and forth to work here in the Austin hill country and I’ll be damned I was right !

At the moment it’s stock with adjustable levers I just got the other day. The reason I was so quick to change the levers is the fact that if you have small hands (my gf) it’s pretty hard to work the clutch when only a few fingers can get to it. So that’s done and it’s made a big change for the better.


I must say I never thought we’d be able to ride 2up on the grom but it handles it well. VERY VERY surprising for a 125 to tote around 280lbs up and down the hills of west Austin. Even holds its own in the dirt.. If you squint your eyes it almost looks like there’s water in Lake Travis.

It only took about half a big blue to install both levers . They are cheap and from China but they do the job. I’m thinking I could put a spacer in the clutch side to make it less floppy but I’ll report back on how well that worked next time.


Then I got some more parts for the datsun . Little Longacre shifter for the T56 and a new knob that fits like shit but will get the job done I suppose. Can’t always win buying car parts off amazon.. smh. Now I just need to find some motivation to work on the damn datsun.


All the while kicking ass at work. Taking how the CSOM (rep of the month) and EPE (best customer service) awards two months in a row and I’m doing my best to make it 3.


Anyhow I hope this is the last time I’ve gotta change my Oppo name. But IT guys will be IT guys even if that means wiping my computer clean every few months .. Sucks to suck I suppose.

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