So yesterday as I’m riding north bound 620 west of Austin on the grom and I’m told “ You’re going to Die! “ - Buick Driver

So let me give you the back story .. As I am in the far right lane he is in the far left lane we both go to merge into the middle lane at the same time.. I notice about half way in another car is going for the lane I desire and immediately abort the middle lane mission I was on. The Buick driver immediately shoots me the finger and mouths the words “fucking idiot” Not thinking any thing of it I keep putting along down the road.. When I get to the intersection he pulls up next to me smoking a cigarette like the coolest kids do and we have the following conversation...

Buick Driver : You know your going to die on that thing right ?

My response : I hope your having a great day buddy.

Buick Driver : My dad had a bike and wrecked a few times and he almost died ..

My response: So he didn’t die ?

Buick Driver : No

My response : hmmm, tell you what when I’m ready to sell this motorcycle I’ll make sure to buy a buick ..


Light goes green ..

At this point I’m laughing my ass off at my own quick witted comments and he’s got the original mean mug he did prior to our conversation..


I think I handled that rather well. Not once did I use any cuss words nor did I give him the finger. or tell him to get off the phone or anything along those lines.