Grom review

I just finished day one of my motorcycle class. 2 hours of class time, 6 hours on the bike. Two amazing instructors, and a really cool group.

I made a beeline for the Grom as I didn’t want to get stuck with a Cruiser, and the one duel-sport was already accounted for. There were no full-size sport bikes :(


Everything came back almost instantly, and I’m pumped to finally be a legal rider.

So! Review time!

Brakes are great. They didn’t feel noteworthy in the slightest, which is honestly what I want in brakes. Almost comically easy to flat foot it on either side. Never felt slow, although I didn’t go past 4th gear. Don’t know the actual weight, but it felt like a burly bicycle. If you somehow dropped it you could pick it back up with one hand. Dropping a gear mid corner with some healthy throttle application can *allegedly* kick the back end out into the most graceful of tire-burning drifts. Or, as graceful as drifting can be on a short wheelbase motorcycle... I’m not a hooligan though so I definitely didn’t do that. Multiple times. Shifts are as smooth as anything else I’ve ridden, which is... uh. 5 bikes now so take that with a grain of salt.

Maybe 10% of the time the bike didn’t want to engage first from a stop. You’d have to hold down first, then roll forward about 8 inches for it to *click*.

Saddle felt great. For the first 15 minutes. By hour 5 I was dying.

How should a minibike like this feel in comparison to a Ninja in terms of maneuverability? From 10mph up everything was rock-solid, but the low speed slalom was pretty twitchy, whereas I remember that being much smoother on the Kawasaki. Is it because of bike size? Or just my rusty skills?


My 6' 1" frame didn’t feel cramped or uncomfortable, but my natural grip was much wider than the Grom allowed. There was something about the foot controls that I didn’t love, but that could just as easily have been because I was wearing super-clunky hiking boots. The last time I had a bike I wore Converse 24/7...

Tl:Dr - Grom’s are an absolute blast, but I’m not going to be buying one as an only bike. I’m still leaning towards a Monster. Something older up to a current 821. A cheap 250cc dirt bike is also very much on my radar.


I’m going to be very sad tomorrow when the class is over and I no longer have a bike to ride.

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