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Grom Sold

8 days on the market and the Grom is sold! I had to field a lot of “interest”. Nearly 40 people. A couple of nice people, an offer but a no show, 34 bullshit artists, 2 scam attempts, and one buyer.

I’m planning to burn the 2 grand I got for it on bringing the M3 up to snuff. It needs two sensors, a valve check/adjustment, and VANOS preventative maintenance. I was planning to do all of that myself, but now I have the 02... Also it’s the season where I want to drive it, not work on it


I got a super nice day for a last ride on the Grom. It was cool but I don’t miss it. I’m relieved to have it off my plate and the money in my pocket.

Pour one out!

Happy Tuesday

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