I found this problem last night. My battery apparently leaked and sprayed inside my engine bay. I noticed the puddle under the battery where the car was parked.


Most of that black gunk is thick and baked on. I tried waterless wash and citrus degreaser, and neither made a dent. When you touch it, the paint underneath is rough. I pulled the battery last night, and fluids are leaking, as you can see.

I need a new battery, which is not too bad of a problem, but this damage is a bummer. I was considering having the paint touched up this winter, and this may force my hand.

Vespa today. Speaking of which, I am finally motivated for the custom Vespa project that will be my biggest yet, and is designed to help get me ready to tackle more of T Bird and Cressida with my own hands. Instead of starting to tear it down this weekend, I figured out the plan, made a parts list, and a budget. I will be organized and responsible as I waste money on an impractical project.


The plan: Upgrade to 190cc, re-jet carb, upgrade to racing variator. Upgrade front and rear shocks.

Strip, sand, steel body repairs, custom paint (white) and custom Vespa wasp decal (I have these made), yellow and black racing stripes, paint wheels gloss black.

I have the body and trim parts I need, and have already done all of the plastic panels. The 190cc kit, variator kit, shocks, carb jet kit, and associated parts will run me about $1000. I will be ordering the parts this week. Once everything is here, I will tear the bike down.


If I can pull this off, my Vespa will be about the coolest custom ET4 in existence, and it should be pretty lively. This is the biggest project I have attempted all on my own, and I am both intimidated and excited.