Next month I’ll be flying down to Ibex (Tule Valley UT) for some airplane camping. I’m renting a 172 with a $2,500 damage deductible and I really want to make sure that the airplane is secured with good tie downs.

I’ve been out at Ibex when a Microburst blew through with 65MPH winds and I’ve also danced with the wicked dust devils that can rise up in the desert and eat airplanes for lunch (think Mad Max). I will be parking the airplane with some distance from camp to keep the errant four wheeler or motorcycle far away.


I will need to bring my own tie downs that will work best with the hard pan soil. The hard pan is essentially dried clay and salts, it is tough stuff. It is as harder than asphalt and when it gets wet is doesn’t change much and can still support vehicle tires without much displacement at all.


For those who might know.

  • Should I secure the airplane with ropes or ratchet straps?
  • Which design utilizing stakes and anchors would be easy to construct while also being very reliable? Think Home Depot/Lowes supplies. I briefly ordered “The Claw” system on Amazon until I watched some videos of the system failing at 175 Ibs.


Please take note that I don’t want to haul 100 pounds of tie down equipment in a fully loaded Cessna 172.


I’ll probably make three of the following: