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Grounded to the ground.

This Toyota looks like it is really grounded, to the ground, with wheels and stuff.

We call these Toymatoe Cressidias here for some reason.
We call these Toymatoe Cressidias here for some reason.
Photo: RvDTMedia

I’ve wanted to see that stupid Toyota commercial re-done with some cool Toyotas for like ever. Imagine the same “real people” trying to describe what it is like drive one of Daigo Saito’s drift cars. And I find it odd that the Toyota scene/general buyer spectrum includes slammed VIPs, drag cars, drift cars, anime sticker display devices, grocery getters, and cars for people who do not realize that cars explode gasoline in order to move the wheels. Side note, I once had a conversation with a Corolla owner: they were adamant that their car was not an electric car nor a hybrid. We got onto that topic after they had asked me if I knew why it would not start, I told them they needed a new battery. Frustration ensued. 

Serialnine is a shop in Coquitlam, BC and they had a rain storm a couple days back. Some cars showed up too. The ADVAN livery always gets me.

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