I need one apparently. (Excuse the blurry smartphone pics, bought a new-to-me Samsung Galaxy Core LTE and the camera lense is a bit scratched - replacement lense cover is in the mail!).

Excuse the craptons of undercoating sealant...the shop I use uses the waxy stuff that has an annoying habit of melting when they put it in the hood and then running all over my strut towers...

Car seems to run fine though - what are the issues a broken grounding strap can cause...? Could explain why my MP3 player makes a weird clicking instead of playing music when it’s plugged in to Aux. on my stereo and charging from the 12v USB charger...?

Another pic of what I mean with the stupid undercoating sealant (the yellow brown area should be the gray-blue of my car’s paint...)

Questionable wheels and Tribal-style decals on a Toyota Camry Solara for your time:


Also, the use of salt in winter sucks.